We sell CNC Laser, Router, and Plasma Cutter machine:
• High quality machine with reasonable price
• Local full after sales support & service
• Stocked spare parts for all laser machines
• 12 months replacement warranty on mechanical and electronic parts
• 10 months replacement warranty on laser tube and router spindle

Contact us for price and demo:
call us at 0858-9050-6040
Universal & Powerful Metal
& Non Metal Laser Cutting Machine

• Cut up to 2 mm Carbon Steel
• Cut up to 1 mm Stainless Steel
• Cut up to 20 mm Acrylic
• Reci W6 long life laser tube
• High precision optics
• Automatic laser height control
• High speed servo drive
• High quality ballscrew
• High quality linear guide
Low Maintenance & Energy Efficient
Laser Marking Machine

• Up to 100.000 hours laser lifetime
• Low power consumption
• Almost no part replacement needed
• Very small beam size
• Deep engraving capability
• Applicable for almost all metal
• Applicable for some engineering plastics
• Rotary device included
• Perfect for jewelry industry
Woodworking workhorse

• High quality linear guide
• High quality ballscrew
• High precision rack & pinion
• High working speed
• Heavy construction
• 4.5KW water cooled spindle
• Vacuum table included
• Dust collector included
• Perfect for wood door panel fabrication
Laser Engraving Machines:
• Can be used for cutting also
• More for engraving then cutting
• Short focal lens for sharp laser spot
• Honeycomb work table
• Automatic up/down table included
• Industrial chiller included
• USB interface included
Laser Cutting Machines:
• Can be used for engraving also
• More for cutting then engraving
• Long focal lens for thicker cutting
• Knife bar work table
• Automatic up/down table included
• Industrial chiller included
• USB interface included
Laser Marking Machines:
• Galvo laser head assembly
• High speed & accuracy
• Low power consumption
• Easy to operate
• Wide application area
• CoMark mostly for non metal surface
• FiberMark mostly for metal surface
• Rotary device included
• Industrial chiller included
CNC Router & Plasma Machines:
• Sturdy & heavy construction
• High speed & accuracy
• DSP based controller
• Powerful water cooled spindle
• High quality ballscrew
• High quality linear guide
Stocked spare parts and accessories:
• Laser tube and power supply
• Laser mirror and lens
• Air pump, stepper motors and belts
• Low and high power industrial chiller
• Electronic controller and LCD panel
• Honeycomb and knife bar work table
• Water pressure switch and safety switch
• Auto focus and red dot pointer guide
• Chuck and centerless rotary device
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